Curse of the Corpse Stone

It tastes like farts in here

The adventure continues and they round the corner and find a silver door that can not be opened by any means. The decision is made to move on after they discover runes on the door that read “to open the door feed the mouth” after doubling back they take a different path and discover an Illithid relief on the wall that has 4 moving tentacles and a small blade in it’s mouth. None of the party are willing to “feed” the mouth they are forced to enter the testing chambers. Inside there is a table with four sealed potions as they test them the ardent spills some on his hands while opening it and when sunlight hits it his hands are burnt off. They use the remnants of a restoration potion to save 1 full hand and some of his off hand. In the next room they find a similar set up this time the Monk is examining the flasks while the Druid and the Knight are checking the silver disks in the wall , one releases a sphere of annihilation that leaves a hole in the Druids leg and the knights shield. The following room is the same the Monk fumbles a bottle and spills curse of arrow attraction on herself , the final room of the test is all or nothing they have a 1 in 4 shot and the group may only choose 1. Failing to choose will result in the entire room being flooded with fire. After a few minutes they choose and manage to guess the right one. With the test behind them the knight makes the sacrifice to put his head in the illithid relief to “feed” the mouth ,he sacrifices 1 point of wisdom and the door opens. Beyond the door is a room with a man made chasm that is spewing toxic gas into the room , while getting through they stumble upon an invisible chest containing 3 rings and a bracelet. The next door leads to a room with 3 clear spheres that seem to teleport in a group of hobgoblin guards
th9.jpg With the Ardent now suffering from a psionic illness that is causing him to lose power points every time he uses an ability the fight is harder and more costly than it would normally have been. Eventually the party defeats them and move on to the adjoining hallway where in the dark they see a figure that in the darkness resembles a dreaded mind flayer but it is not it turns out to be an illithid touched Hobgoblin. Just as it appears all is lost the Knight delivers a crushing blow that kills the creature outright, beyond him is a door with 3 rotating drum locks the party manages to solve the sequence and move on. The final door of the evening is barred and half the party is doused in oil and set ablaze the knight is stunned by mind blast and just stands still for the entire battle , however the party once again manages to overcome the adversity and kill all the guards. Camp is set up and they eat and drink while deciding where to go when they leave. The fights are getting tough and they are beginning to see thralls and Mind flayer spawn … close are they to the illithid area and can they cure the Ardents illness before they have to face down a full psionic? Or will they be forced to enter into a combat with their psionic at a disadvantage? Hopefully they can find a cure in one of these rooms before this becomes a massive issue.



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