Curse of the Corpse Stone

Fear is the little death

The story so far. Dispatched by the town council to restore the trade route between their city and the rest of the country they have discovered that in a crypt in the underdark the Illithid are using creatures to cause all the issues. Worse still is the fact that it seems that anything that dies and is not dismembered returns from the dead. There are 4 tribes working for the Mind Flayers . They are Orcs , Goblins, Gnolls , and Ogres. Our party has dug deeper into the mystery of this alliance and on this night the adventure starts with a room of rot. All the organic matter in the room has begun to decay, the room is currently the den of a pair of Carrion Crawlers that surprise the party and after a tough combat are finally defeated.th__1_.jpg
afterwards they travel into an area that gets even darker and now they are increasingly aware that anywhere can house a potential threat. Our heroes are tricked into entering an area with a one way door with a chest at the end of the corridor , to their credit they sense the trap the fiend intends and take the extreme measure of breaking a hole in the wall at the cost of the knights great axe. When the chest is opened the hall begins to fill with acid and they escape through the hole and use a magic door to block it temporarily. The Druid hears something and the Ardent comes under attack by a Brain mole, he defeats it but learns what real psionic combat is all about by this creature which is the least of the threats to his mind. This is quickly proven true as they stumble upon the next challenge in an apparently empty training room the Knight thinks he sees something th__2_.jpg it appears to be a man run through with swords it is rotting and as it rots worse things begin to happen. In its eye they notice a small creature th__3_.jpg it is grabbing onto the brain and controlling the creature. It is a long and viscous battle forcing the party to rest afterwards and to check themselves thoroughly to be sure none of them are infected by this thing known as the Psychic Echo. Convinced they are clean they continue, the final encounter of the night is a room with 3 pedestals on each sits a crystal brain The druid touches one to find out to her horror that it is soft and pliable not glass but living tissue, The Ardent notices a strand of astral silver extending from her head to the brain she touched and the decision is made that he travel to the astral plane to sever the cord. When he arrives at his destination he finds 10 brains in jars that talk to him, they call themselves the Cogitators and they are scientists and philosophers after a brief discussion he leaves and they continue on their way. With the first true psionic battle over the party has learned that the challenge ahead of them is great , they must be wary and finally death does not finish things in this dungeon. Are they up to the task? The citizens must hope the answer is yes or the city will starve.



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