Curse of the Corpse Stone

You know it hurts when you hit me right?

As they continue in the dungeon the next room is yet another test. 3 potions 1/2 spilled one on each table one dissolves only metal , one twists only wood , one only affects flesh. They take their time and get past this first test. The next room is another test. The tests seem random and each time they make a choice it is recorded as " an interesting choice" Perhaps then it is a side effect of the tests that they relax their guard for the next area leads to an ambush, 6 archers let loose a rain of projectiles and multiple targets are hit the knight and monk charge while the ardent and druid use spells and projectiles. During the knights combat with the archers the ardent manages to hit the knight twice with crossbow bolts accidentally aiding the enemy. but in the end the archers are no match for the party combo of ranged casting and melee to limit return fire. The hallway was a dead end so either this patrol was returning from its route and heard them or it was set here by some other creature on purpose with none left alive they likely will never know the answer. Back to the where the hall splits they now take the other path and it leads to another test 3 keys under 3 bottles turned upside down and open the stoppers lying next to them. The first attempt is an utter failure and the gold key is dissolved but they figure out a way past it and successfully retrieve the silver and brass keys. After finishing the test they set out following a strange smell of burnt chocolate coming from a room just down the hall. Beyond the door is a strange crone with a long ladle stirring a great cauldron she has no eyes just a deep furrowed brow as the party enters she stops and cocks her ear to hear them then she pours a creature from the cauldron it is a small humanoid made from boiling liquid view07_color.jpg they attempt to leave and she spills the entire cauldron creating 4 of the creatures the party hits the area with a flask of fireball they have found but it just creates 12 one foot tall creatures instead. The battle is fierce and each time one is killed a sound like breaking glass can be heard. when the last of the creatures is slain the area of the cauldron collapses into the floor and a gout of flame and a pair of massive arms rise up but cannot hold onto the side of the floor but for a moment they see a massive version of the molten constructs 1000x1000_6415_Golem_Destroyer_2d_creature_concept_art_monster_rock_golem_stone_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpg . They retreat from the room and rest in the storage closet used for the creation of the constructs of this place. The final act of the evening is the finding of the brass door beyond which is a brass chest and an area of utter darkness hiding within is a Dark WeaverDarkweaver-dungeons-and-dragons-fiend-folio-shadow-plane.jpg it attempts to lure them into the dark with its mind powers but fails they steal the chest and make a deadly enemy of the creature known as Shul’ Naramot but the light from the druids spells for the moment keep it at bay and within the chest is a mace that is the bane of constructs destroying them utterly on a critical hit. But the creature has vowed to hunt the party down from every patch of shadow in this place. The Party has now encountered 2 heavy hitting creatures each capable to be the force behind the corpse stone curse is it one of these creatures both or neither they must be on their guard now for even the dark itself is a danger to them. They must now take nothing for granted the town is counting on them to solve this and restore the trade route vital to it’s survival. Many will suffer if they fail.



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