Curse of the Corpse Stone

You know it hurts when you hit me right?

As they continue in the dungeon the next room is yet another test. 3 potions 1/2 spilled one on each table one dissolves only metal , one twists only wood , one only affects flesh. They take their time and get past this first test. The next room is another test. The tests seem random and each time they make a choice it is recorded as " an interesting choice" Perhaps then it is a side effect of the tests that they relax their guard for the next area leads to an ambush, 6 archers let loose a rain of projectiles and multiple targets are hit the knight and monk charge while the ardent and druid use spells and projectiles. During the knights combat with the archers the ardent manages to hit the knight twice with crossbow bolts accidentally aiding the enemy. but in the end the archers are no match for the party combo of ranged casting and melee to limit return fire. The hallway was a dead end so either this patrol was returning from its route and heard them or it was set here by some other creature on purpose with none left alive they likely will never know the answer. Back to the where the hall splits they now take the other path and it leads to another test 3 keys under 3 bottles turned upside down and open the stoppers lying next to them. The first attempt is an utter failure and the gold key is dissolved but they figure out a way past it and successfully retrieve the silver and brass keys. After finishing the test they set out following a strange smell of burnt chocolate coming from a room just down the hall. Beyond the door is a strange crone with a long ladle stirring a great cauldron she has no eyes just a deep furrowed brow as the party enters she stops and cocks her ear to hear them then she pours a creature from the cauldron it is a small humanoid made from boiling liquid view07_color.jpg they attempt to leave and she spills the entire cauldron creating 4 of the creatures the party hits the area with a flask of fireball they have found but it just creates 12 one foot tall creatures instead. The battle is fierce and each time one is killed a sound like breaking glass can be heard. when the last of the creatures is slain the area of the cauldron collapses into the floor and a gout of flame and a pair of massive arms rise up but cannot hold onto the side of the floor but for a moment they see a massive version of the molten constructs 1000x1000_6415_Golem_Destroyer_2d_creature_concept_art_monster_rock_golem_stone_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpg . They retreat from the room and rest in the storage closet used for the creation of the constructs of this place. The final act of the evening is the finding of the brass door beyond which is a brass chest and an area of utter darkness hiding within is a Dark WeaverDarkweaver-dungeons-and-dragons-fiend-folio-shadow-plane.jpg it attempts to lure them into the dark with its mind powers but fails they steal the chest and make a deadly enemy of the creature known as Shul’ Naramot but the light from the druids spells for the moment keep it at bay and within the chest is a mace that is the bane of constructs destroying them utterly on a critical hit. But the creature has vowed to hunt the party down from every patch of shadow in this place. The Party has now encountered 2 heavy hitting creatures each capable to be the force behind the corpse stone curse is it one of these creatures both or neither they must be on their guard now for even the dark itself is a danger to them. They must now take nothing for granted the town is counting on them to solve this and restore the trade route vital to it’s survival. Many will suffer if they fail.

It tastes like farts in here

The adventure continues and they round the corner and find a silver door that can not be opened by any means. The decision is made to move on after they discover runes on the door that read “to open the door feed the mouth” after doubling back they take a different path and discover an Illithid relief on the wall that has 4 moving tentacles and a small blade in it’s mouth. None of the party are willing to “feed” the mouth they are forced to enter the testing chambers. Inside there is a table with four sealed potions as they test them the ardent spills some on his hands while opening it and when sunlight hits it his hands are burnt off. They use the remnants of a restoration potion to save 1 full hand and some of his off hand. In the next room they find a similar set up this time the Monk is examining the flasks while the Druid and the Knight are checking the silver disks in the wall , one releases a sphere of annihilation that leaves a hole in the Druids leg and the knights shield. The following room is the same the Monk fumbles a bottle and spills curse of arrow attraction on herself , the final room of the test is all or nothing they have a 1 in 4 shot and the group may only choose 1. Failing to choose will result in the entire room being flooded with fire. After a few minutes they choose and manage to guess the right one. With the test behind them the knight makes the sacrifice to put his head in the illithid relief to “feed” the mouth ,he sacrifices 1 point of wisdom and the door opens. Beyond the door is a room with a man made chasm that is spewing toxic gas into the room , while getting through they stumble upon an invisible chest containing 3 rings and a bracelet. The next door leads to a room with 3 clear spheres that seem to teleport in a group of hobgoblin guards
th9.jpg With the Ardent now suffering from a psionic illness that is causing him to lose power points every time he uses an ability the fight is harder and more costly than it would normally have been. Eventually the party defeats them and move on to the adjoining hallway where in the dark they see a figure that in the darkness resembles a dreaded mind flayer but it is not it turns out to be an illithid touched Hobgoblin. Just as it appears all is lost the Knight delivers a crushing blow that kills the creature outright, beyond him is a door with 3 rotating drum locks the party manages to solve the sequence and move on. The final door of the evening is barred and half the party is doused in oil and set ablaze the knight is stunned by mind blast and just stands still for the entire battle , however the party once again manages to overcome the adversity and kill all the guards. Camp is set up and they eat and drink while deciding where to go when they leave. The fights are getting tough and they are beginning to see thralls and Mind flayer spawn … close are they to the illithid area and can they cure the Ardents illness before they have to face down a full psionic? Or will they be forced to enter into a combat with their psionic at a disadvantage? Hopefully they can find a cure in one of these rooms before this becomes a massive issue.

Fear is the little death

The story so far. Dispatched by the town council to restore the trade route between their city and the rest of the country they have discovered that in a crypt in the underdark the Illithid are using creatures to cause all the issues. Worse still is the fact that it seems that anything that dies and is not dismembered returns from the dead. There are 4 tribes working for the Mind Flayers . They are Orcs , Goblins, Gnolls , and Ogres. Our party has dug deeper into the mystery of this alliance and on this night the adventure starts with a room of rot. All the organic matter in the room has begun to decay, the room is currently the den of a pair of Carrion Crawlers that surprise the party and after a tough combat are finally defeated.th__1_.jpg
afterwards they travel into an area that gets even darker and now they are increasingly aware that anywhere can house a potential threat. Our heroes are tricked into entering an area with a one way door with a chest at the end of the corridor , to their credit they sense the trap the fiend intends and take the extreme measure of breaking a hole in the wall at the cost of the knights great axe. When the chest is opened the hall begins to fill with acid and they escape through the hole and use a magic door to block it temporarily. The Druid hears something and the Ardent comes under attack by a Brain mole, he defeats it but learns what real psionic combat is all about by this creature which is the least of the threats to his mind. This is quickly proven true as they stumble upon the next challenge in an apparently empty training room the Knight thinks he sees something th__2_.jpg it appears to be a man run through with swords it is rotting and as it rots worse things begin to happen. In its eye they notice a small creature th__3_.jpg it is grabbing onto the brain and controlling the creature. It is a long and viscous battle forcing the party to rest afterwards and to check themselves thoroughly to be sure none of them are infected by this thing known as the Psychic Echo. Convinced they are clean they continue, the final encounter of the night is a room with 3 pedestals on each sits a crystal brain The druid touches one to find out to her horror that it is soft and pliable not glass but living tissue, The Ardent notices a strand of astral silver extending from her head to the brain she touched and the decision is made that he travel to the astral plane to sever the cord. When he arrives at his destination he finds 10 brains in jars that talk to him, they call themselves the Cogitators and they are scientists and philosophers after a brief discussion he leaves and they continue on their way. With the first true psionic battle over the party has learned that the challenge ahead of them is great , they must be wary and finally death does not finish things in this dungeon. Are they up to the task? The citizens must hope the answer is yes or the city will starve.


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